Dr. Ahmed Sayed

Data Scientist, Cheminformatian and Pharmacokineticist

Pharmaceutical and Informatics business executive
enjoying 10+ years’ advancement.


Posted on 20 Feb 2016 | Comments Off on Consulting

Whether you want to get a second opinion on your project progress, assist in requirement planning or get an independent judgement on an offer you received, the flexible consulting gives you a quick access to our consulting services. The first consulting Hour is FREE of charge. Please fill in the following form with any relevant information that you think are useful for understanding the project. You will then be forwarded to Paypal for payment processing. After successful payment, your appointment will be confirmed.

If you think that your needs will not exceed one hour, please feel free to request our Free 1-Hour Consulting Session.

Alternatively, If you believe that your project assessment needs go beyond what can be achieved in one day, please request a quotation.


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